Love Potions

Where would we be without Google and Youtube? The fun facts you find online these days just crack me up ūüôā You want to know what happens to your sinuses when you pick your nose, just type it into your search engine and “whala” – pages and pages of incredibly gross¬†information. What do bed bugs… Continue Reading

Kiss Bang Love On Channel Seven

Channel Seven has a new reality show and it’s all about swapping saliva ūüėČ That’s right, the creators of Married at First Sight have taken dating one step further with their new show called Kiss, Bang, Love. It seems like a romantic wedding and ‘quicky’ honeymoon,¬†plus a few hidden cameras were not enough. Now we… Continue Reading

Top 10 Lies Told By Online Daters

You think that good-looking guy in his mid¬†30’s whom you have been chatting to online will be waiting for you when you meet at that fancy restaurant Friday night? Or that sexy brunette with the cheeky grin will be lots of fun when you¬†catch¬†up at that secluded little¬†bar later tonight? Well here’s a new flash… Continue Reading

Emergency Delivery by Samanthe Beck

Emergency Delivery is the title for Samanthe (yes, that is the correct spelling) Beck’s second book from her Love Emergency Series. It actually continues straight on from the first book in the series – Emergency Engagement and is just as well written, just as wonderful¬†and still a¬†hold onto your knickers ladies kind of romance we… Continue Reading

Oprah’s Words of Wisdom

Damn I love this woman! She would have to be one of the most inspirational woman of¬†all time. I know that’s a big calling, but as far as I am concerned, Oprah is quiet simply one of a kind. It’s not just her wisdom or her compassion that I find so compelling, it is the… Continue Reading

Top 10 Marriage Proposals

I love this clip, it has some of my favourite romantic marriage proposals. Before you watch it, grab a box of tissues. Sit back, get comfy and watch some of the best marriage proposals to hit the big screen. x x x For more information regarding this clip, visit Ms Mojo.

The Beast by J R Ward

J R Ward has done it again! The Beast is the award-winning authors latest novel from her¬†long running paranormal series¬†The¬†Black Dagger Brotherhood. If you are not aware of J R Ward, or her band of ‘brothers’, then you really should ūüôā The series focuses on a group of¬†skilled vampire warriors whose role is to defend… Continue Reading

Keeping up with the Kardashians

I’m 44 years old! Yep, 44 …and I can still remember my science teacher back in the mid¬†1980’s talking to our class about statistics. Mr Newland was my teachers name, he was a rather interesting character. I remember sitting in Mr Newland’s class while he taught us about¬†statistics, and how they can play a part… Continue Reading

My Romance Addiction’s New Home

It took¬†longer than expected, but I have finally completed¬†the move from Weebly to WordPress. It has been a frustrating, emotionally draining experience, but one I can thankfully say is done and dusted. After spending lots of money getting computer programmers and IT specialists to check my site, I had to face the fact that it… Continue Reading


Romance, who believes in that anymore?!! Well… I do, as well as millions of men and women around the world. If you also enjoy a little magic and adventure, then you have come to the right place.¬†Romance isn’t all¬†about red roses, chocolates and moonlight kisses, although who doesn’t appreciate¬†that ūüėČ Romance is the¬†mystery and the… Continue Reading