Michelle Branch is a Hopeless Romantic

Remember Michelle Branch? Probably not… it’s been a while since the American singer, songwriter released anything. If you can’t remember or have no idea who she is – Michelle released 2 top-selling albums in the early 2000’s. The first was called The Spirit Room which showcased her top 10 singles Everywhere and All You Wanted. Her… Continue Reading

10 of The Best Modern Day Duets

I was laying in bed last night watching clips on Youtube when I came across the video of Keith Urban singing The Fighter with Nicole Kidman in his car. It’s not the first time I have seen it, but for some reason it popped back into my recommended clips, so why not watch it again. I… Continue Reading


The Black Eyed Peas have revised their 2003 hit song Where Is the Love? and asked a few of their close friends to help remind us all of what is most important – Love! The new updated version was released last Thursday on the groups Facebook page and has taken the world by surprise. The… Continue Reading

Adele Agrees To Attend Wedding

You would think Adele would be looking forward to her tour ending in November so she can enjoy some down time, but nnooo! The soulful singer from the UK has been caught recently rsvp’ing live onstage during a recent performances in the U.S. The 28-year-old performer was in Detroit when she took a break to chat to her fans. But… Continue Reading

Don’t Worry About Me…

Rising British singer Frances is breaking hearts around the world with her Don’t Worry About Me music video. When I first heard this song I was flicking through radio stations in my car. I only caught the tail end of the song, but what I heard caught my attention. The second time I heard it was after… Continue Reading

Keith Urban Free Fallin’

Free Fallin’ – I love this song! I could listen to it for days. There are so many versions of it out there. Some interpretations are smoothed out a little, like in the case of John Mayers version… but the best by far, as far as I am concerned 😉 is Keith Urban’s live performance. Keith and his band… Continue Reading

Delta Goodrem’s New Heartfelt Tunes

I was flicking through the iTunes Store when I noticed Delta Goodrem has released a new album. Ok… so what? Well she looks fabulous on the cover, but besides that I wasn’t interested… well at first I wasn’t 🙂 I actually clicked on a few other album covers, listened to a few songs released by… Continue Reading

What is Your Love Song?

Last night I lay in bed listening to some of my favourite beats when I came across Celine Dion’s 1997 number 1 hit song “My Heart Will Go On”. I have to admit I was surprised I still had this song on my iTunes playlist. After about the thousandth time I had heard it on… Continue Reading

Kelly Clarkson Piece by Piece

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote an article called Did Your Parents Relationship(s) Influence Your Own? It was an inspirational post about how much our parents shaped and influenced our own ideas of what a relationship should be like. I don’t know the vast majority of my readers personally, but I wanted you… Continue Reading

Adele Can Be Your Remedy

I love listening to music, I always have. The first time I ever remember being entranced by music was when I was a young girl. My parents gave me a little red record player that would play singles and I would sit in my bedroom and listen to musicals and story books. My favourite was an engaging story… Continue Reading

Romance at Taylor Swift Concert

I took both my daughters and one of their friends to Taylor Swifts concert on Friday night, and I was a tad surprised. I thought the venue would be full of teeny-boppers, but the crowd was made up of men and women of all ages. Most intriguing was how the international performer brought out the softer side of… Continue Reading

Adele Sings “Hello”

Shi# on a stick!!! omg….am I one happy little vegemite today!!!! I thought my day was going to start off like any other day….get out of bed, have a cup of coffee….check out my Facebook pages….but no – not today! Damn, I don’t even know how I found out….it’s like a blur. A really exciting but… Continue Reading